Thursday, March 18, 2010

“Who You Are Is More Important Than What You Wear”

Close friends Virginia Depp and Nicole Nelson discovered that they shared a desire to own their own business. They quickly realized that they shared an interest in fashion jewelry due to its inexpensive nature and its creative style. They strongly believed that they could market a quality fashionable product at an exceptionally low price.
After attending other “home party” businesses, they desired to create a company that offered so much more for its customers than what was typical! They wanted to create a company that offered an affordable, quality product that customers could hand select and take home at the time of the event. They wanted to offer merchandise with no additional fees “tacked on” to the customer’s purchases. They wanted to hold events in an open house format with no high pressure sales presentation for the customer.
With all this in mind, Just Jewelry was created in June of 2002. With the support of their husbands and their 7 children, Virginia and Nicole experienced overwhelming success in just a few short months. They were hosting over 5 events a week and selling more jewelry than they ever dreamed possible! They began receiving requests from customers desiring to join this exciting and unique business. Virginia and Nicole felt that this was a great opportunity to assist others looking for a way to earn unlimited income, while allowing them the flexibility of working for themselves. Thus, in November of 2002, the first Just Jewelry Consultants were acquired.



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